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Basically we provide what services you need. An initial consultation and meeting is free of charge. Based on that we can work out a plan that suits you. Typically this would be on a retainer basis with a agreed attendance for some days a week or month, whatever suits your business. If you need full time attendance for a period that too is open for discussion. 

That way you get great experience on an ongoing basis, adding value from day one but without the full overhead of a full time person. Some flavour of that the services could be are below.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Finance Team Leadership

Typical input is taking charge of a Finance Team and reviewing team composition and capabilities.

Then designing processes, controls and reporting deliverables to maximise business intelligence.

Team building, coaching and encouraging  staff development.

Or simply running your team for you with kindness and skill.

I can also assist with search and recruitment of Finance staff.

Business planning 
Management team 

Keeping the score is important but even more so is looking forward over the horizon.

So setting up rolling forecasts of cashflows and profits is key.

Taking a longer term view requires building regularly refreshed 5 year business plans to ensure a business can put in place investment in staff and operations to maximise growth with confidence in meeting targets 

My role here is to work alongside the existing Management team to ensure the engine room of the business is well run and co-ordinated. 

I work with HR, IT, Operations to help the MD / Owner run the business. 

The Finance Director needs to understand the wider operations of a business so as to support and manage commercial strategy.


Board input includes helping properly run meetings - preparing papers in advance, assisting debate and following up on actions. 

Reviewing board composition and coaching less experienced Directors.

I can also act as a Non-executive Director for meetings.

External Stakeholders

Sometimes a business requires extra help managing outside bodies such as bankers, auditors, advisors, regulatory bodies and shareholders.

I have wide experience dealing with these stakeholders to ensure they understand the business needs and the best interests of the business are looked after.  

Project work

A Business may need additional support when growing. Perhaps with acquisitions, fundraising, expanding into new countries, or simply needing extra hands on deck during rapid growth. 

I can help with projects leaving management teams able to concentrate on day to day activities. 

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